The lack of blogging in the past couple of weeks has been due to my preoccupation with how to best scramble down the cliff in front of me without serious injury. No, I am not attempting to be metaphorical… I have literally been scrambling up and down the rocky slopes of Corsica.  I abandoned Zack in Hanoi for two weeks while my parents and I ventured off to attempt the GR20 Nord – “the hardest walk in Europe” and a challenge my dad couldn’t resist.

Before I left, my friend Maddy very thoughtfully sent me this link from Garance Dore’s blog about enjoying the beaches, shopping, food and life on the island… well, I think it is safe to say that my Corsican family holiday was not so much like this! However, the scenery was stunning and there were enjoyable moments between sliding down rocky scree slopes, hauling ourselves over boulders and slipping across snowy drifts.

So until I have a chance to write a new Hanoi blog, here are a couple of photos from Corsica…






6 thoughts on “Corsica

  1. Hello to all of you from Wandi!!! Geoff says “Why didn’t they tackle the EASIEST walk?” Photos look amazing. You guys certainly know how to pack in a great life. Good luck for the rest of your trip.

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