Last weekend a friend of Zack’s from Northwestern came to visit and we all went to Ha Long Bay; a natural UNESCO World Heritage Site five hours east of Hanoi. Expectations were low. Having done a lot of reading about the area for my work, I am well aware of how polluted and poorly managed this site has become. However, we were pleasantly surprised and had a wonderful few days enjoying the spectacular scenery that makes Ha Long so special. Without time to write a proper post, here are a few photos from the trip:



Floating villages in the bay


Selling vegetable


Breakfast on the deck


Cave exploring



2 thoughts on “How long to Ha Long?

  1. Hey Katie – love the photo of you as skipper. Hats suit you! Your blogs are good – but would like to see a photo of you and Zac on the scooter. How’s your work going? Alice tells me you are now on the payroll – so I hope you’re enjoying it and it will be ongoing.

    All good here – Flynn’s in Kimberly with Allan doing a bit of work and ‘just chilling’ after 7 weeks surfing at the Mentawi Islands in Indonesia – what a life. Tessa is staying with us while gets better and it’s lovely having her and Alice here – it’s been quite some time since we’ve all lived together.

    My study is going well, but it’s hard to knuckle down on beautiful spring days like today. Sun is shining, birds are singing and garden waiting. Keep up the blogs!


    Jane Curphey – Australian School of Performing Arts

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