Đi bằng xe máy


Driving past the water park on the shore of West Lake, Zack commented on how unsafe the Ferris wheel looked – “I would NEVER get on that thing” he said, a comment I found ironic as he swerved to miss on oncoming car, narrowly avoiding the scooter passing on our right. We were taking a quiet and relaxing Sunday afternoon spin around the lake on our new scooter; anyone with any inckling of what Hanoi traffic is like will understand that this drive was is neither quiet, nor relaxing… but it was a lot of fun. We are now the proud owners – actually hirers – of a white Sym scooter that we have affectionately named Mantle, which is obviously short for The Praying Mantas.


At this point Zack is the only one of us actually driving and I am the official navigator. This works well as Zack’s pro-scootering skills do not extend to any directional memory of Hanoi’s streets and my complete lack of driving ability or awareness is increasingly apparent. Besides this leaves me free to back-seat drive, shouting in Zack’s ear whenever we are nearly smushed between two buses – just kidding dad 😉  I’m also able to watch the scenery and interact with other scooter riders at the traffic lights, I even got to pat a dog that was sleeping on the lap of a neighbouring driver.


A few weeks ago The Satorialist posted a blog entitled “If you’re thinking about… scooters” Well as it turns out… I am (well at least posing with it):



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