Cuộc sống hàng ngày (daily life)

So there has been a slight lag in blogging lately. Not because I don’t enjoy sharing Hanoi with you, but because I seem to spend so much time staring at my computer that sometimes I can’t stand to sit here for one minute longer. I want to get out, explore, even if it is just along the streets I walk every day. The wonderful thing about Hanoi – well to be honest I think there are many wonderful things about Hanoi – but one thing I love is that I can pass through an area I go daily and still see things that are new or interesting or crazy or funny, or sometimes just downright worrying: i.e. this telecom pole we sit next to when eating kem xoi, which is sticky rice and ice-cream – yes it is as good as it sounds!


The pole collapsed in a storm the week after this particular kem xoi outing

So even on routine days I can go out for a walk and pass places like:


This (literally) hole in the wall mechanic what will fix your motobike and offer service such as: pump, welding machine, coating machine (?) right there on the sidewalk!


Groups of women all selling the same thing – in this case giant pomelo and other miscellaneous green fruit


Disintegrating buildings, houses, gates, temples – in this case a gate from the old citadel


Piles and piles of green onion that had to be cleaned… at 9pm… in the middle of the street


A boiling kettle, alone, in the middle of the sidewalk – where else?!

And if all we want to do is eat (which, let’s face it, in this city is fairly often) we can get some of the best Pho in town (or the world), topped off by egg coffee spiked with homemade rum:



Cheers Hanoi


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