Happy Hanoi

I never share links or videos but I couldn’t resist this youtube video made by Hà Rika which is set to the song Happy by Pharrell Williams. Like the official music clip, this is scenes of different people dancing around the city. It shows Hanoi in a wonderful light and it makes me love this city even more (despite the fact that we’ve barely seen sun since January – and no two hours once a week does not count). Anyway, this makes me feel so happy and lucky for living in this great city that I couldn’t help but share it.


5 thoughts on “Happy Hanoi

  1. Hi Rabs – loved the clip…also just read Happy Year of the Horse – missed it somehow. Great photos…is your cumquat still alive? The one I planted at our back door years ago turned into a mandarin/orange, but still alive & bringing good luck!

  2. Your writings capture Hanoi, in all its modes and moods.
    Loved the video clip. If I am up early enough,I look out of my bedroom window and watch a group of women doing Thai Chi at 6.00 am. It is a good start to the morning.

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