My Top Ten Buildings in Hanoi

Below is a new blog post from a good friend who also shares my love for Hanoi’s beautiful and diverse architecture. I have never re-blogged a post before but this one just seemed too perfect. Thanks Jura!

Travels with a Nubian Hound

One of the things I love most about Hanoi is its architecture. It has a charm and character unlike anywhere else. Many cities in South East Asia have become all too generic, with the domination of glass, steel and concrete. Hanoi still has a much more eclectic mix of buildings, in part because there were other priorities during the thirty five years of war while Vietnam fought the Japanese, the French, the Americans and finally the Chinese.P1030875

The Word magazine recently did a feature entitled ‘The Elements of Style’ where Katie Jacobs and I described the various architectural time periods – pre-Colonial Vietnamese, early French Colonial, Transitional, Soviet-influenced, and Contemporary. My favorite buildings fall in the first three categories. I have spent so much time photographing buildings over the last three and a half years that it was hard to narrow down my favorites, but here we go – some are famous, others more obscure.

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